Julia Grillmayr

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Julia Grillmayr (*1987) is a Vienna- and Linz-based academic, journalist, radio maker, science communicator and tap dancer. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Vienna and is currently working on her first Post Doc project „Science Fiction, Fact & Forecast“ at the University of Art and Design Linz.

Academic CV in english as .pdf

My Diploma
My Dissertation

After graduation (Matura) from Academic secundary school in 2005 I started my studies in Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna, focussing on literature theory and attenting electives in Philosophy and French & Rumanian studies. In 2009 I went abroad with the Erasmus programm and studied for one year ‚lettres modernes‘ in Valenciennes, France. I then stayed in France; in Lille, working at the ‚Centre Littéraire Escales de Lettres‘; and in Paris, working in the Centre Pompidou library. At the same time I was finishing my diploma thesis, comparing J.G Ballard and Michel Houellebecq in respect to Günther Anders‘ concept of the ‚promethian shame‘ (Die Prometheische Scham im Werk von J.G. Ballard und Michel Houellebecq).

2012, back in Vienna, I met with my dear longtime friends Louise Horvath and Tanja Traxler, who had also just finished their masters. Coming from very different disciplines (Tanja is quantum physisist and science journalist, Louise studied socio-economics and spatial planning), we discovered we were interested in the same topics and the broad field of philosophy of technology. Also, all three of us wanted to work in academia, but found the idea of writing alone on one text for three years not appealing at all. We decided to become our own small research group and after a lot of work, we got funded by the interdisciplinary scholarship ‚DOCteam‘ of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Our project was called Thinking Space – An interdisciplinary approach to the spatial dimension of Ambient Intelligence: Symmetries and asymmetries in the interaction between humans and objects. In this framework, we investigated into the understanding of space in the context of new persuasive technologies.

In january 2017, I successfully ‚defended‘ my thesis at the University of Vienna. Besides Tanja & Louise, who continue to support and inspire my work with their intellect and friendship, the dutch Philosophy of Technology scholar Peter-Paul Verbeek was very central to my PhD project. We keep coming back to the University of Twente, where all three of us were working with Peter-Paul for a few months, for conferences and exchanges.

The DOCteam ‚Thinking Space‘: Tanja Traxler, Peter-Paul Verbeek, Julia Grillmayr, Louise Horvath
My Post Doc project

After finishing my PhD, I was granted the PostDocTrack scholarship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, that allowed me to prepare an application for the FWF grant Hertha Firnberg. I was really lucky to find out that Karin Harrasser was interested in the topic I wanted to pursue in the way I wanted to do it and that she was willing to support my project as co-applicant. And we got the funding! In march 2018 I officially started to work on Science Fiction, Fact & Forecast at the Kunstuniversität Linz.

You are currently on this new project’s website and can find more detailed information on my research here.