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My radio broadcast on the Community Radio in Vienna: Radio Orange 94.0

Every 2nd tuesday of the month, 18:00

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  1. This is a woman’s world: Single-sex world and single-gender societies in Science Fiction literature & Demography
  2. Jungbrunnen: forever-young utopias and dystopias in Science & Fiction
  3. superkalifragilistikexoplanetarisch. Science & Fiction about Exoplanets
  4. HaHaHa. Laughter as a scientific subject, philosophical topic and emancipatory strategy.
  5. Jellyfish. Tentakulär #1. Science Fiction & Zoology on Jellyfish, Cixous‘ Meduse and Donna Haraway’s tentacular thinking. Interview with Elisabeth Schäfer & Esther Hutfless. Field report from the aquariums at Zoo Schönbrunn.
  6. Alles Funkt! A Ham Radio Field report
  7. Octopus. Tentakulär #2.  Science Fiction & Zoology on Octopus. Donna Haraway’s tentacular thinking. Interview with Karin Harrasser. Field report from the aquariums at Zoo Schönbrunn.
  8. The Virus in Science and Fiction. Special episode with co-host Ross Lipton.
  9. The Rise of Slime. Tentakulär #3. Science & Science Fiction is obsessed with tentacles, so are we. Paper by Nana Heidenreich.
  10. Von Brabbel zu Babel – der Sprachursprung. On linguistics, Babel and James Joyce.
  11. For me, for me, formidable, Formicidae. All about Ants!
  12.  Trash – Wissenschaft und Fiktionen des Abfalls
  13. The Future is Female – feminist science and science fiction! Discussion with Magdalena Hangel und Sandra Folie.
  14. Wissenschaft im Kopfhörer: from the Science Podcasting Conference Ganz Ohr 2018
  15. Eine Pionierin des Atomzeitalters – Superscience Me #15 über Lise Meitner
  16. COMING UP: Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction (Arbeitstitel). Superscience Me ist bei der „Worlding SF“ in Graz.


NEW: ACPSni.jpgs of now you find *CYBERPUNK SNIPPETS* on the Superscience Me Podcast Feed!

Genre: panic, non-comprehensive résumées.







MAKRO MIKRO – Podcast of the Austrian Academy of Sciences


Big News: As of now, I am podcasting for the Austrian Academy of Sciences! The podcast will go by the name „Makro Mikro“ and will portray the research done in the various laboratories and sites of the ÖAW. Find the teaser here.

And the episodes:


  1.  Science Podcasts! #GanzOhr2018
  2.  Reise zum Merkur – Reportage vom Institut für Weltraumforschung in Graz



Audimax – Podcast der Universität Wien



Since March 2018, I am responsible for the official podcast of the University of Vienna. Episodes every 4 to 6 weeks.


  1. Interview with ecosystem research Andreas Richter
  2. Interview with musicologist Christoph Reuter
  3. Interview with Alexandra Ganser, professor for American and Cultural Studies
  4.  Interview with the interdisciplinary DOCteam Barbara Göbl, Dayana Hristova und Suzana Jovicic
  5. Interview with mycologist (fungi!) Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber
  6. Interview with microbiologist Renée Schroeder


my work for the radio broadcast:

Philosophische Brocken

Strahlenkatzen und Atompriester – Hans Jonas, Herbert Marcuse und die Atomsemiotik

Grenzereignisse – Trinh T. Minh-ha im Gespräch


RRRiot Radio


I was part of RRRiot Radio, podcast for the feminist Riot Festival, taking place in march 2018 in Vienna. And our broadcasts are still online on Soundcloud! Check it out!





On Air in Switzerland

Superscience Me’s very first episode This is a woman’s world was part of the feminist Radio festival „Claim the Waves“ in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lora Radio
Claim the Waves Radio Festival